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February 27, 2018 – Today Rhetoric School students were treated to a message from Dr. Jeff Zweerink, a research scholar at Reasons to Believe. Trinity wants students to graduate knowing what they believe and why they believe it and to be able to articulate and defend it. Seniors even take a class in Apologetics before they graduate.

Dr. Zweerink addressing students at chapel

Dr. Jeff Zweerink speaking to Trinity’s Rhetoric School during an Apologetics Chapel

Reasons to Believe has the tagline, “where science and faith converge” so having Dr. Zweerink here to share that convergence was enlightening and inspiring. He shared scientific observations from biochemistry, and he discussed the space time continuum and light speed.  He asked the question, “could life on our planet survive without hydrogen?” He spoke about the sun and the moon and the perfect placement that keeps the earth properly on its axis and at the proper temperature for life to exist on our planet. All of these scientific observations point to a Designer.

He finished with Q & A, which prompted intelligent and thoughtful questions from the 9th-12th graders. He invited them to The Lab, which will take place in June. The Lab is an elite 3-day mentoring program specifically designed for college students who have a vision to pursue a career in science, engineering, or medical research. The goal is to harness the power of bright young Christian minds—future physicists, astronomers, chemists, biologists, and medical researchers—for the kingdom of God. Even though it’s typically for college students, they’ve opened it up to our students as well.

Reason to Believe’s mission (from their website): to spread the Christian Gospel by demonstrating that sound reason and scientific research—including the very latest discoveries—consistently support, rather than erode, confidence in the truth of the Bible and faith in the personal, transcendent God revealed in both Scripture and nature. 

We are grateful to have had Dr. Zweerink here and grateful that Dr. Phillips, our Science and Theology Chair, shares the same passion for educating our students about how faith and science converge. Tomorrow, Dr. Phillips will speak to our Logic School students at 10:15am in an Apologetics chapel designed for them, taking into consideration what they’ve learned so far in their science classes. He is also likely to get them laughing, and get them thinking. Parents are always welcome to attend chapel.

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