Veteran’s Day Corporate Time

November 10, 2017 – On this crisp, sunny morning, we had a wonderful turnout for our first Corporate Time of the year, which is our Veteran’s Day celebration. We acknowledged veterans and active service men and women related to our Trinity families.

Our YAF (Young Americans for Freedom) officers led the morning with prayer, pledge of allegiance, and an explanation about Veterans Day, including some statistics about the numbers of veterans there are in the U.S. Then each Trinity-related service person was acknowledged by name and they, or their student, stood. Finally, our Trinity alumni who are currently attending military academies were named.

CLICK HERE to view the entire Veterans Day Corporate Time.

After honoring our veterans, the presentations began. Each class from Kindergarten through 12th grade presented something they were learning and the progression of learning was evident. We heard Latin, bible, math, poetry, history, and a chanted list of the Bill of Rights from our seniors. Even our big kids remember things through song and chant.

The morning ended with everyone singing “God Bless America.” Below are just a few photos from the morning.


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