8th grade promotion

June 9, 2017 – Last week marked the end of Logic School for 42 students. They were awarded for Excellent Citizenship as well as for excellence in Academics.

The ceremony began with the procession of eighth graders, having shed their regular uniforms in favor of fancier attire. The flag procession, salute and prayer followed and then Mrs. Caddow made her opening remarks.

Groups of students were honored for citizenship and academic excellence, and then the individual awards came:

Daniel Award (Excellence in the Humanities): Scott Black
Newton Award (Excellence in Math & Science): Eva Lintereur
Virgil Award (Excellence in Latin): Chapman Wolf
Olympian Award (Excellence in Athletics): Elijah Miller
David Award (Excellence in the Arts): Jack Anderson
Pericles Award (Excellence in Oral Exams): Chapman Wolf

Students were awarded their promotion certificates and assigned their houses for next year.

The final award, the Shield of Virtue, is the most prestigious and goes to the student selected that embodies all that Trinity values in character and leadership, developing those attributes of virtue, wisdom, purpose and courage.

This year’s Shield of Virtue went to Eva Lintereur. Congratulations to all. See you in Rhetoric School.

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