Imago Dei Students Launch Errand Service


Imago Dei Errand Runners Ethan McMath, Beau Howell, Josh Wilson and Caleb Veluzet with Lowe’s personnel on Errand Day.

Nov. 13, 2015 – The Trinity Upper-School Imago Dei students are spending time out in the community running errands and learning valuable life skills.

The cover photo show Imago Dei’s Caleb Veluzet handing items to be dry cleaned to the owner of Town Center Dry Cleaners, Cindy Lim.

The IDS Errand Service is free of charge to Trinity staff and teachers and is an exciting, engaging, real-world experience for our Imago Dei students. It provides a practical way to work on a vast array of interpersonal skills, personal interactions and self-sufficiency.

By running to Lowe’s, the Post Office, the Newhall Library, WalMart, dry cleaners and other businesses, students learn to speak clearly to service workers, make eye contact and answer questions about service and transactions. Students learn responsibility, time management, money handling skills, how to solve challenges and how to make discerning choices for products.

Imago Dei students are also working on how to use Santa Clarita transit and read bus schedules, planning for multiple stops and routes.

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